Stories and Legends of the Liangmai Nagas- Sujata Miri


About the Book


Author: Sujata Miri
Translation: Rajesh K. Jha
Binding: Paperback
Year of Publication:2014
Language: English
Edition: 2nd Edition
No of Pages: 95 Pages
ISBN 13:978-81-237-4840-5
Liangmais are a subtribe of Zeliangrong Nagas. This tribe resides in the present day Nagaland, Manipur and Assam. The stories in this collection bring out the sturdy sense of humour amidst deadly twists and turns of life. These stories have been brought out in English and translated into Hindi for the first time. They have been narrated by the village elders which were recorded, transcribed and written in English first and later translated in Hindi.
Author Sujata Miri taught Philosophy at the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong. She is well respected as an authority on the life and culture of North Eastern states of India.
The book was published by the National Book Trust of India.

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