Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey Now- Maya Angelou (Quotes)

Celebrated Author, social activist and black-rights crusader Maya Angelou's writings are as fascinating as her life is inspiring. Illuminating the path of action, never-say-die attitude in the face of personal calamities and social oppression mark her as a universally loved personality. Here are some quotes from her book 'Wouldn't Take nothing from my Journey Now'.

लुंगी-गाथा (कैसर हक की कविता)

In July 2022, an elderly person in Dhaka was not allowed to enter a cinema hall as he was clad in Lungi. This is not the only incident. Discrimination due to what dress one is wearing is a common phenomenon. The long poem by Bangladeshi poet and academic Kaiser Haq brings out the social-exclusion practiced in the name of dress, our colonial hang overs about clothes in a powerful manner. Here is the Hindi translation of the poem.

परिचय (कमला दास की कविता)

कमला दास (1934-2009) अंग्रेज़ी और मलयालम की प्रसिद्ध लेखिका, कवयित्री। उनकी कविताओं में female-sexuality की बेबाक़ अभिव्यक्ति दिखाई देती है। उनकी एक अंग्रेज़ी कविता का हिंदी अनुवाद

कभी न लिखी जाने वाली कविता के लिए नोट्स (मार्गरेट एटवुड)

मानवाधिकार हनन और प्रताड़ना के खिलाफ मार्गरेट एटवुड की कविता। चालीस साल पहले लिखी यह कविता दुनिया भर में प्रताड़ित हो रहे लोगों, कवियों, लेखकों के लिए गहरी संवेदना से सराबोर है।

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