-Rajesh K. Jha I see the dust rising from the hooves of time, setting on the tender grass ahead of me, sky turning into a blotch of faded orange like Monet's Impression sunrise. I gather jasmine, roses and bougainvillea, string a handcuff for you. But prisoners are wont to escape, they can kill and sometimes commit … Continue reading Shards

River Naf

-Rajesh K. Jha You were a couple of millennia late, In crossing the Hindukush and Himalayas Otherwise, my friend, you were welcome with the Aryans. Why did you not, my brother, join the Caravan Of Huns, Shakas, Kushanas and others When they crossed the Indus, spread in the land? Sorry you are late and we … Continue reading River Naf

O Nation, You are Great and Mighty!

-Rajesh Kumar Jha O Nation you are great and mighty, And I am small. My eyes widen, jaws drop and hands tremble, When I see your might, I find myself feeble. On the snow clad mountain, Inside the jungle and across the ravines, on enemies from beyond and enemies from within, encounter or gun battle, … Continue reading O Nation, You are Great and Mighty!