Stories and Legends of the Liangmai Nagas- Sujata Miri

  About the Book   Author: Sujata Miri Translation: Rajesh K. Jha Binding: Paperback Year of Publication:2014 Language: English Edition: 2nd Edition No of Pages: 95 Pages ISBN:81-237-4840-5 ISBN 13:978-81-237-4840-5 Subject:Folklore Liangmais are a subtribe of Zeliangrong Nagas. This tribe resides in the present day Nagaland, Manipur and Assam. The stories in this collection bring... Continue Reading →

Man Against Myth-Barrows Dunham

It is the translation of the famous book Man Against Myth by Barrows Dunham. Published in 1947, the book was widely acclaimed. It attacks a number of deeply held social myths such as 'Rich are fit and poor unfit', 'You can not be free and safe' etc. These myths have helped privileged few and worked to justify inequality. The book conveys a powerful message that continues to have great contemporary relevance.

My Name is Red- Orhan Pamuk

About the Book   Author: ORHAN PAMUK Translation: Rajesh K. Jha Publisher:PENGUIN BOOKS INDIA Language:Hindi SKU:Prakash-9780143067207 ISBN-10:0143067206 ISBN-13:9780143067207 Edition:Latest Publication Year:2014 My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk (Review published in the Guardian) ( Two Europeans ("Franks" to the Turks and, to this day, Farangi to Iranians) stroll through a meadow. As accomplished miniaturists, their work... Continue Reading →

Literary Occasions- V.S. Naipaul

About the Book Author: V.S. NAIPAUL Translation: Rajesh K. Jha Publisher: PENGUIN BOOKS INDIA Language: Hindi SKU: Prakash-9780143414773 ISBN-10: 0143414771 ISBN-13: 9780143414773 Edition: Latest Publication Year: 2013 In these eleven extended pieces V. S. Naipaul charts more than half a century of personal enquiry into the mysteries of the written word and of fiction in... Continue Reading →

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