The Truth ( A Maithili Poem by Baidyanath Mishra ‘Yatri’/ Nagarjun)

Baba Nagarjun is counted among the greatest poets of modern India. He wrote in Maithili, Hindi and Bangla. His original name was Baidyanath Mishra to which he added 'Yatri'. This poem is a searing indictment of the orthodox religious mindset which privileges the other world over what is real, this world. The poet says, 'the Shruti is false, so is Smriti, false are the Puranas and the sacred books, fasting and penance are false, false is the history of the kings and the rulers.' It is a long but powerful poem. Perhaps he would have been lynched if he wrote today! That is why his poems need to be read in as many languages as possible. Here is the English Translation of his Maithili poem Param Satya

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