Reimagining Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

The article is written in response to the piece by former Minister of Information & Broadcasting Mr. Manish Tewari which was published on He argued that the Ministry of I&B should be wound up as it has no justification to exist now. I have argued that there is a need to rethink the functions of the Ministry. It remains an important institution for the emerging regulatory challenges thrown by the new media like Facebook, Google etc. Beyond the publicity work, which has been overemphasised in the case of the I&B Ministry, other works including regulatory, need to be strengthened if it has to retain its justification for existence

A Tale of Tangled Wings and Spiked Dreams

-Rajesh K. Jha If IAS is the steel frame, Why can’t IIS be imagined to serve as the Nervous System?  Two incidents stand out vividly in my memory whenever I think about my early days in the Indian Information Service. The first incident relates to the period when I was on training. One component of …

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