मियां कविताएं-3

मियां कविताओं का श्रृंखला में मैंने अब तक दो ब्लॉगों में १० कविताएं शामिल की हैं। प्रतिरोध की इन कविताओं की तीसरी और आखिरी कड़ी में प्रस्तुत हैं चार और कविताएं।

मियां कविताएं-2

असम में रहने वाले बंगलाभाषी मुसलमानों को मियां कहा जाता है। यह उनके लिए एक अपमानजनक संबोधन है। इस समुदाय के लोगों को लंबे समय से सामाजिक तिरस्कार और हिंसा का शिकार होना पड़ा है। इसके प्रतिरोध में मियां कविता का दौर शुरू हुआ जिसे सोशल मीडिया ने लोगों के सामने लाया। इन कविताओं में गहरी संवेदना और संघर्ष की चेतना दिखाई देती है। मैंने कुछ मियां कविताओं का अंग्रेजी से अनुवाद किया है जो तीन किश्तों में ब्लॉग पर डाल रहा हूं। पेश है इस किश्त की दूसरी कड़ी।

मियां कविताएं-1

Muslims of Bengali origins are called Miya in Assam. These people have been at the receiving end of violence and exclusion. They have suffered violence and social discrimination over. long period of time. It gave rise to a protest literature, especially poetry called Miah Poetry. In recent times, after the NRC process got under way, the issues confronting this section of Assamese society became even sharper. A new breed of hard hitting poetry emerged which was popularised by the Social Media. The poems bring out the deep anguish and alienation of Miyas of Assam. The political element of resistance poetry however does not in any way diminish its poetic aesthetics. Translation of Miyah poetry into Hindi has been done in a series of three blogs. Here is the first of the series.

Gubha Raja and Tiwa People-Meeting a King in the Town Bylane

-Rajesh K. Jha Dipsing Deo Raja is young and handsome. Hardly 25 years of age, fair, short in height, flat nose with sharp shining eyes and a pleasant smile playing on his lips. He looked royal and graceful in his bright red jacket typically worn by Tiwa tribesmen of Assam and Meghalaya. Four wooden chairs... Continue Reading →

Patharughator Rann- The Jallianwala Bagh of Assam

Peeping into the Cobwebs of History -Rajesh K. Jha In the middle of unending expanse of paddy fields in the interior of Darrang district of Assam, I was struck by a pillar which looked distinctly like a memorial of some sort. Curious, I stopped near the place where the pillar stood. It looked conspicuous in that area. On... Continue Reading →

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