1971- A people’s History From Bangladesh, Pakistan and India by Anam Zakaria

1971- A people's History From Bangladesh, Pakistan and India written by Anam Zakaria looks at the momentous events of 1971 from multiple perspectives of people from three countries. It brings out the way people construct memory of the events. A book written to explore the complexity of reality, without losing sight of the facts of history. A book review by Rajesh K. Jha

Babu Bangladesh- A Novel

Babu Bangladesh is a celebrated novel written by a young Bangladesh novelist Numair Atif Choudhury. The book tells the story of Bangladesh through its protagonist Babu Bangladesh. The author is tracing the whereabouts of this young idealistic politician as he disappears one day from Dhaka. The author died in a car crash before the novel was published. It is making waves in Bangladesh, India and many parts of the world as the literary work of a genius.

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